How the Trust and its academies work together

The Trust recognise that each school is individual, has its own identity and has a unique community to serve.

The Trust Working Model puts children at the heart of the system and protects them from external influences that can often disrupt teaching and learning.

The Trust Board and Central Team focus on removing the barriers that prevent headteachers, particularly in small schools, from concentrating their efforts on teaching and learning; health and safety, buildings upkeep and development, compliance, ensuring and administering a balanced sustainable budget, HR and procurement as a few examples.

Each individual school has the ownership and responsibility for deciding and delivering the aspects shown on the model in the yellow and orange hexagons. The areas in the orange hexagons are examples that a school might decide to share with another school in the trust as effective practice.

This means that each school will have, for example, its own ethos; can plan and deliver its own curriculum; can decide how best to teach its pupils; can plan bespoke CPD for its teachers.

The light green hexagons are the areas that the Central Team complete for all schools in the Trust.

The dark green and grey hexagons refer to internal and external parties that are interested in what happens at the school. The Central Team help to support their interest so that each school can focus on giving their pupils the very best education. For example, in recent years, GDPR distracted many headteachers away from teaching and learning whilst they implemented their plans. As a member of the Trust, the Central Team would focus on something like this on your behalf, so that learning was not impacted upon.

Working together in this way, every school can build the best teaching and learning opportunities that their community require, and have the support and collaboration of other schools to help them to achieve this.